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The Most Common “Bedtime Mistakes ” That Keeps Your Little Ones From Sleeping

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The distress.

I have fed him, bathe, played with him and now he looks sleepy, why isn’t he sleeping? What does he want?

He wasn’t like this after doing all these the day before? What haven’t I done?

These were some of the comment mothers, particularly the new mothers gave when asked about what could be wrong with their child/babies when it seems they (the babies) aren’t getting that precious moment they want from their crib.

Another mother said, they (babies) will have their eyelids drooping and as soon as they are on the bed, they’re awake again; crying for food, a cuddle, or in need of a fresh nappy.

But what could keep these little ones from sleeping? How can we make a baby sleep?

How to Make a Baby Sleep
how to make a baby sleep

Mothers have had lots of advice from other mothers to their friends, and even to the aged, but unfortunately, it seems there isn’t one size fits all; with getting these little ones to sleep.

Of course, every child is different with sleeping, however, there are some common and unknown bedtime mistakes which could make it much harder for babies to sleep.

1. Feeding-Sleeping

This is one of the crucial bedtime routine mistake parents/mothers make.

For years, many mothers have made themselves the finale of the bedtime routine for their little ones by feeding them to sleep.

Despite this extending nighttime feeding-sleeping, this practice still doesn’t guarantee many babies sleeping well at night; though it creates precious moment between parent and child.

Feeding-sleeping is one of the biggest challenges of a good night’s sleep for babies.

After you practice feeding-sleeping as a mother or parent either by breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, then put your baby for bedtime in his/her crib, for sure, s/he won’t sleep through the night, thus, you as a parent/mother would probably have half an hour or 45 minutes to start the process again because baby tends to make this practice a habitual act because of the coziness they feel; eating and sleeping.

2. Skipping Routine

Many parents/mothers feel their baby is too young to take in or understand a routine, but that isn’t the case.

Routine is important for little ones, especially when it is bedtime. Routine is all about series – following the same pattern.

When a step of this routine is skipped, it will cause changes to the baby’s sleeping pattern because s/he is already used to the sequence.

3. Monitoring

Yes, it is important to monitor your baby but becoming a slave to your baby monitor; by rushing in each time s/he cries, particularly when you put him/her down at night to sleep, will never help her to sleep on her own because she knows that you will always rush in to comfort her.

4. Putting Baby to Bed Too Late

Putting your baby to bed too late is never a good idea. Overtired babies struggle to stay asleep and find it harder to drop off to sleep .

5. Rocking to Sleep
what are the easiest ways to make a baby sleep?

It is okay to use rocks or motion to soothe your baby if s/he is upset or fussy but do not make it part of his/her regular bedtime routine.

For some mothers, it is a relief when their baby snooze in a bouncer, car seat or pram and rock on a jhoola, palna or cloth cradle.

The rocking of baby/babies (in motion) to sleep has been effective, and it has also created a well-deserved break to mother/parents/guardians.

However, babies might grow to depend on rocking or motion to fall asleep; meaning s/he will need the same attention every time s/he wants to sleep.

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6. Sleeping with a Bottle

When your little one falls asleep only with a bottle (especially drinking a formula) not only will s/he get habituated to such act, the formula can always pool in his/her mouth and can later lead to tooth decay and discoloration. Also, sleeping with a bottle can increase the risk of ear infections.

7. Confusing Days with Nights

When your baby sleeps all day, then stays up all night long, s/he will never learn to sleep through the night and may not learn the difference between light and dark.

Implications of Bedtime Mistakes on Mother’s Health

baby sleep disorders sign

Sleep Deprivation

Now that you are a mother, your amount of sleep shouldn’t depend on your baby. And that is why you need to know how to make a baby sleep, because getting enough sleep is vital for you as a new mother, not only for your sanity but also for your safety.

For decades, many mothers have considered sleep deprivation as a standard feature in motherhood. Jodi A. Mindell, a professor of psychology at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, says, “Mothers really underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep.”

If by chance you go by some of the mentioned bedtime mistakes, then you must have been deprived of sleep.


Good sleep is vital for your baby’s developing brain. Child sleeping disorder is a serious matter that can be life-threatening if not handled professionally and holistically; which is why it is not logical to consult just anyone for a solution to this issue.

For years, expert/professionals in the field have been recommended as they alone can offer to you that perfect solution specific to your child; since every child has his/her variant issues leading to sleep disorder for them.

Thus, solution/ way out to your bedtime mistakes isn’t a routine or a one suit fit all. You should consult a professional to give you a corresponding solution to your child’s sleeping disorder.

Author Mary-Ann Schuler, a clinical psychologist and mother with more than 20 years of experience in child psychology has a very detailed and educative presentation recently around this topic, her presentation sought to Guide parents to a simple and easy-to-apply solution to regulate the sleeping pattern of their children.

As a mother with a child having a sleeping disorder, you don’t want to miss this Educative presentation.

Watch the presentation here!

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